Weekly Results – week ending 5/10/19

Posted May 10th, 2019 by Trendfinder and filed in Results - Weekly

It was a tough week for long swing trades, and a tough week for daytrades to the short side. The short swing trades (FedSwingWF) were the bright spot.

Coming into this week SimpleSwing2 had 3 long trades and all three had nice open profit. Then, Trump tweeted about increasing tariffs. It was unfortunate timing. With the selloff, MeanSwing3 entered long in both markets it trades and then was barely stopped out during yesterday’s drop after the open. If it hadn’t been stopped out both trades would be in profit now. This week was frustrating, but we just have to put up with situations like this. SimpleSwing2 RTY is still long (currently has a small profit) since it didn’t get stopped out like MeanSwing3, so if today’s rally continues early next week, at least that will start the recovery.

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