Weekly Results – week ending 1/4/19

Posted January 4th, 2019 by Trendfinder and filed in Results - Weekly

MeanSwing II exited a short trade, and SentSwing II exited 3 long trades. Every intraday system had trades this week, and overall they were profitable.

The 3 most recent Fed chairs were interviewed this morning. Powell changed his tune about forward policy (said they would consider market reactions to any rate or balance sheet adjustments, especially relating to downside reactions), and said he wouldn’t resign if Trump asked him to. The other chairs reinforced Powell’s comments and lauded his transparency. To me, it seems they are trying to remove uncertainty because markets hate uncertainty. And, if this is their thinking, it makes me wonder, why are they trying to be so supportive of the markets? They seemed to be putting up a good show this morning of not being concerned, but was it just a façade hiding their true concerns?

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