Monthly Results – October 2018

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This was a month for the record books. We had a pretty large and fast market drop but didn’t have as much of a volatility spike in the VIX as previous selloffs. Also, media coverage wasn’t nearly as high as previous selloffs. Maybe this due to all of the political theater, but it also may be representative of complacency. It doesn’t seem to me that this is another dip like the ones we’ve had in the bullish move up since 2009. The market is not acting the same as it has in the past. Of course, this is always true to an extent, but my personal opinion is that this time it’s different.

This month the swing systems had large losses and the intraday systems had big gains. Since February, I have shifted my trading system development to intraday trading systems and option trading. I have released 2 intraday systems this year and hope to have more before the end of the year. I have already closed the Index Swing portfolios, and going forward I may even discontinue more of the swing systems. In addition to the stock indexes, I am working on systems for other futures as well. Going forward, I am looking to keep overnight risk down and get more diversification from other markets.

Monthly Hypothetical Results (trades that exited this month)
(commission and slippage included, see Disclosures in top menu)
Swing Systems # Trades Net Profit
Spring ES 13  $6,793
MeanSwing II EMD 2  $(8,450)
MeanSwing II EMD-A 2  $(8,310)
MeanSwing II EMD-B 2  $(8,420)
MeanSwing II ES 2  $(9,475)
MeanSwing II RTY 2  $(9,680)
SentSwing II ES 3  $(2,725)
SentSwing II RTY 3  $(4,135)
SentSwing II YM 3  $(3,210)
SimpleSwing ES 1  $(2,550)
SimpleSwing NQ 1  $(2,540)
SimpleSwing RTY 1  $(2,540)
SimpleSwing YM 1  $(2,540)
Portfolios # Trades Net Profit
Index Trader I 15  $(1,658)
Index Trader II 18  $(5,793)
Index Trader III 28  $(7,453)
Index Trader IV 40  $(6,353)
Index Trader V 55  $(13,708)
Index Trader I-A 15  $(1,518)
Index Trader II-A 18  $(5,653)
Index Trader III-A 28  $(6,653)
Index Trader IV-A 40  $(5,123)
Index Trader V-A 55  $(11,268)
Index Trader I-B 15  $(1,628)
Index Trader II-B 18  $(5,763)
Index Trader III-B 28  $(7,643)
Index Trader IV-B 37  $(5,343)
Index Trader V-B 52  $(14,848)
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