Monthly Results – June 2018

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Swing trading results were mixed, and the day trading systems had nice profits. Seeing the way these strategies are performing following the market drop in early February, it might be time to bring back the day trading system portfolios.

At the end of May I said I would be releasing a new day trading system in June. Where did the time go? This new system is finished, and I will likely release it in July. I have this one and some others that I am watching live that look good. They are all developed with walk forward analysis which reduces the chances of over fitting and allows the system to adapt to future market conditions. At the end of this blog post you will find performance info for one of these new systems which trades the ES (S&p 500). Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Monthly Hypothetical Results (trades that exited this month)
(commission and slippage included, see Disclosures in top menu)
Swing Systems # Trades Net Profit
MeanSwing II EMD
MeanSwing II EMD-A
MeanSwing II EMD-B
MeanSwing II ES
MeanSwing II RTY
SentSwing II ES
SentSwing II NQ 1  $(2,540)
SentSwing II RTY
SentSwing II YM 2  $3,365
SimpleSwing ES 2  $450
SimpleSwing NQ 2  $2,205
SimpleSwing RTY 2  $(455)
SimpleSwing YM 2  $(595)
Portfolios # Trades Net Profit
Index Trader I 3  $1,050
Index Trader II 3  $1,050
Index Trader III 8  $3,200
Index Trader IV 9  $660
Index Trader V 9  $660
Index Trader I-A 3  $1,230
Index Trader II-A 3  $1,230
Index Trader III-A 8  $3,790
Index Trader IV-A 9  $1,250
Index Trader V-A 9  $1,250
Index Trader I-B 3  $990
Index Trader II-B 3  $990
Index Trader III-B 7  $2,290
Index Trader IV-B 8  $(250)
Index Trader V-B 8  $(250)
Index Swing 2 0  $-
Index Swing 3 2  $450
Index Swing 4 3  $(2,090)
Index Swing 5 3  $(2,090)
Index Swing 6 5  $(2,685)
Index Swing 2-A 0  $-
Index Swing 3-A 2  $450
Index Swing 4-A 3  $(2,090)
Index Swing 5-A 3  $(2,090)
Index Swing 6-A 5  $(2,685)
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New intraday system coming soon (trades the ES):

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