Monthly Results – December 2018

Posted December 31st, 2018 by Trendfinder and filed in Results - Monthly

To say it was a volatile month might be an understatement. Not surprisingly, the intraday systems overall had a gain for the month, and the swing systems overall had a loss.

2018 will probably┬ábe remembered for many years to come. It was an historical year with lots of unusual/rare price movements and politics. For these systems, I am very glad to see the performance of the daytrading systems (especially Spring ES) and saddened to see the poor performance of the swing trading systems. It certainly appears that the mean-reversion character of the stock indexes for the past 20 years has changed. Also, the magnitude of swings has increased such that stop losses are getting hit too frequently. I’m working on new swing systems or filters to use, and will utilize them as soon as testing is complete.

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