Daily Results for 2/5/18

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MeanSwing II and SentSwing II were stopped out of long trades today. Today may go down as an historic day. It will certainly be remembered for years to come. It felt like 2008, the flash crash in May 2010 and/or late summer 2011 etc., but today was more surprising. The previous selloffs had economic/bankruptcy/macro/etc. reasons (there was something people were clearly reacting to where the future was in question). Today, there wasn’t anything like that. Earnings are growing and overall the economy is sound. Yes, valuations are high, and yes, interest rates are moving up and inflation is coming alive, but boy, this is quite the reaction! The VIX more than doubled today, and it looks like the ETF XIV (inverse VIX) and possibly others are being liquidated. On a percentage basis, the market was down around 4% – that may seem big but it isn’t even in the top 100 down moves. Keep calm and prosper.

Daily Hypothetical Results (trades that exited today)
(commission and slippage included, see Disclosures in top menu)
Swing Systems # Trades Net Profit
MeanSwing II EMD 1  $(5,230)
MeanSwing II EMD-A 1  $(5,300)
MeanSwing II EMD-B 1  $(5,240)
MeanSwing II ES 1  $(5,050)
MeanSwing II RTY 1  $(5,080)
SentSwing II ES
SentSwing II NQ 1  $(2,540)
SentSwing II RTY 1  $(2,540)
SentSwing II YM
SimpleSwing ES
SimpleSwing NQ
SimpleSwing RTY
SimpleSwing YM
Portfolios # Trades Net Profit
Index Trader I 0  $-
Index Trader II 1  $(5,230)
Index Trader III 1  $(5,230)
Index Trader IV 2  $(7,770)
Index Trader V 3  $(12,820)
Index Trader I-A 0  $-
Index Trader II-A 1  $(5,300)
Index Trader III-A 1  $(5,300)
Index Trader IV-A 2  $(7,840)
Index Trader V-A 3  $(12,890)
Index Trader I-B 0  $-
Index Trader II-B 1  $(5,240)
Index Trader III-B 1  $(5,240)
Index Trader IV-B 2  $(7,780)
Index Trader V-B 3  $(12,830)
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