Additional Portfolios Released

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Subscriptions to the Index Trader Portfolios have reached the point where slippage may start becoming larger than what is used in back-test reports and real-time blog post results if additional subscribers are added. To remedy this situation I have created alternate portfolios that use charts slightly different than the original portfolios. The strategy code for each system is the exact same for the alternate and original portfolios. The only difference is the bar interval used.

For example, Lion II Vol runs on 3 minute bars, which is 180 seconds. Lion II Vol for the “A” portfolios uses 179 seconds bars. The swing systems for EMD and TF used in the Index Trader portfolios are modified in a similar manner (ES has much more capacity and doesn’t need an alternate yet). For example, FedSwing EMD bars are essentially daily bars that match stock market hours (9:30-4:00 ET). FedSwing EMD for the “A” portfolios uses a bar that runs from 9:30-3:59 ET.¬†This way the systems for both are basically the exact same but the orders for the “A” portfolio will not occur at the same time as the original portfolio.

Short term results will vary between the two portfolios, but over the long term (1 year or more) the performance should be similar. There will be days where a system triggers in one portfolio but not the other, and even a situation like what happened yesterday where Jaguar Vol had a losing short trade in the original portfolio but had a winning long trade in the “A” portfolio. There is no way to know which portfolio version will perform better over the next year or 5 years. If you are trading more than one lot of a portfolio, you could distribute lots to both portfolios and increase diversification.

I will be updating the website over the next week to show the base Index Trader Portfolios as sold out. Current subscribers to the Index Trader portfolios will continue to trade the original portfolios/systems they have been trading. New portfolio subscribers will be using the Index Trader “A” portfolios. When capacity is reached for the “A” portfolios I will release “B” portfolios. The individual swing systems are not sold out yet – as each reaches capacity I will release an alternate version.

For the blog, to keep the results posts from being too large and confusing, I will no longer be posting results for each individual intraday system. Since there are many that only subscribe to individual swing systems, I will continue to post results for them. The daily/weekly/monthly blog posts will now show results for each swing system and each Index Trader portfolio (both original and “A”). To keep record-keeping clean (and since there are several open swing trades) I will start this new format at the beginning of September.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Contact info is here:

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