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The following are a sample of some unsolicited testimonials received:

Hi Gary, I just wanted to thank you for your trading systems (and letting people like me trade them with you!).
Im loving the fact that it trades well during low and high volatility periods - I have no idea how you achieved that!
Thanks again Gary!

- D.C.

You and your system are simply the best. I wanted to get back to you and say that I am glad that I have continued to stay invested and that I am extremely grateful for the profit that your system has made.  Your system has increased my capital....The equity curve looks great. Investing with the Trendfinder system  is one of the best investment decisions I have ever made - thanks for making it available.

- B.D.

We could not be more pleased with our Index Trader V portfolio!!! Thank you for making your strategies available. I recognize that they represent a lot of "hard earned" knowledge.

- J.N.

I really liked reading your website and the blog and appreciate the no hype nonsense that you see a lot of in the industry...Your honesty about this says a lot about your character and I really like the fact that you post weekly net profit or loss, so whether it is good or bad there is a great deal of integrity behind your work...Thank you.

- N.A.

Thank you thank you thank you for being so responsive!
You are awesome.

- E.K.

From your passion for systems development and your willingness to share them with trader like me so that we can benefit from your work. Thank you for sharing your systems with me.

- A.N.

You sound like a real nice guy and you're numbers are the most honest (results) of anyone I've traded with or researched.

- R.C.   

Gary, you're turning in consistent numbers for a long period of time - great job!  Thanks for the opportunity.

- C.G.

I believe in you and what you're doing and enjoying spreading the good news to others.  One thing I really appreciate is your daily blog post.  Leaves no ambiguity as to what is going on with the systems.


HI Gary, Once again I wish to congratulate you on the excellent performance.

- J.S.

I really appreciate your system.  The daily report blog is fantastic.  You are a first class operation and the returns are stunning.

- J.W.

My experience with you has been vastly different than it has been with another system trader I worked with.  You have been responsive and thoughtful and helpful in trying to make sure I understand where you are coming from and what your thought process is...I have no qualms at all with your own customer service or responses.

- D.S.

I noted the slippage was a little bit less than you mentioned (I mean additional slippage). Nice job Gary and thank you for nice profitable systems that have delivered during this chaotic volatile period!

- A.N.

I've been watching your systems for a few months now and it seems like your very honest and straightforward with your results (not easy to find with futures system creators).  Also, you're systems keep selling out! 

- R.C.

Hi Gary, I have only been trading your system for a short time but right now it certainly is doing a very good job.  Thanks

- J.S.

I've spoken with a friend who has traded the system and visited your website and was impressed with your record.  I've been in other systems and find your results far superior.

I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with you and Trendfinder. 

- M.D.

Thank you very much again. I have been trading automated trading system since 2006. For all the system developers that I have contacted with, you are by far the most responsive, honest and generous developers I have experienced. Your website's daily Blog is great!. I have full confidence to trade your systems. And my willingness to add your systems in this tough future trading market is proof.

Looking forward to be your client for many years to come.

- M.L.

I thought you might find it interesting that when we are flat with Trendfinder I go back to the last time we were flat ... and compare the mark-to-market profits for the recent period with the blog numbers ... Somehow it makes me feel good to compare these numbers and see that they are very close…and they are. 

- J.N.

Thanks, the results look really awesome. I've simulated 2500 equity curves and it looks fantastic. I really tried to break it and couldn't!

Thanks for your help,


Thanks again for helping me make an informed decision to increase investment in your systems... In case I did not express it before, I am extremely impressed with the fact your swing trade systems perform well in both high- and low-volatility stock market environments.

Regards, D.S.

I hope all is well with you.  I am truly grateful for the work you have been doing. Being a part of the Trendfinder group has been very profitable....Thanks again for all of the work you have done to make the systems profitable.  Also, I am very enthusiastic about the way that you post to the blog daily - send texts with the trades and generally make all that is going on so transparent. 

Thanks again,

Thanks Gary. You have one of the best (consistently profitable and transparent) offers out there. I look forward to investing more and am certainly recommending your services to my family and friends.


Thanks Gary - Loving your systems by the way - they have been the leaders of my portfolio for years now!  So thank you for sharing. Its incredible that I started with $30,000 a few years ago, and last week the account ticked over to $80,000.

Best Regards,

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